Our Story

Brooklyn Hempology is dedicated to bringing you the best and highest quality organic CBD products on the market. We believe that all people are worthy of health and wellness and deserve access to holistic treatments.

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Noah Wills and Carla Lewis, Brooklyn Hempology was created with a focused purpose to provide pure THC-Free CBD to Dr. Wills’ patients and all people seeking holistic health and wellness.

An addiction medicine specialist, Dr. Wills found that many of his patients addicted to opioids also suffered from anxiety, depression and pain, and would shy way from prescription medications because of the stigma and/or side effects. Set on a mission to find alternative treatments, he began suggesting THC Free CBD to his patients, and many reported “feeling better” with minimal or no side effects. However, upon further research, Dr. Wills found major differences in CBD quality, ranging from cheap street versions to lab-tested, hemp-based products, with quality always affecting treatment outcomes. Plus, with many containing a THC component, Dr. Wills' patients were at risk to adverse psychological responses or failed drug testing, if not ‘pure’ CBD.

After a decade long mission to find products he could safely prescribe to his patients, Dr. Wills’ professional pursuit met Ms. Lewis' personal passion and Brooklyn Hempology was born. Today, Brooklyn Hempology maintains it commitment to scientific, third-party testing and growing its line of pure products for all people (and pets) to enjoy!

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